foto-homeI am a Spanish/French tarot reader and teacher based in West London with 20 solid years of experience. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the world of the energies of the ancient icons of the Marseilles Tarot, Osho Zen, Rider-Waite, and Scapini decks, and Tarot in general. I am a certified teacher and reader in Barcelona, with degrees in Tarot applied for familiar constellations, Tarot symbology and meditation of the Tarot archetypes. I have attended and spoken at many conferences and retreats on various aspect of Tarot and Tarot research in Valencia, Madrid, Bergamo, Milan, London.

I have been reading cards for almost 20 years. Even as a child I was gifted with the ability to see past the physical-self into the spiritual-self, a gift which I developed into my adult life by being trained by various Tarot teachers skilled in the Arcana in France and Spain, working with various decks. I have written several articles about Tarot in a weekly Tarot section of a journal in Spain, and I am currently completing two books on the mediaeval Arcana, and the meanings of charms in the Tarot de Marseilles and other decks.

My aim is to continue my own journey in understanding the Tarot and how it translates the energies and mysteries of the cosmos through the major and minor Arcana. Graced with the gift of interpretation and sight, as part of my own journey I embrace the opportunity to read cards for others, and to guide them through my teaching methods to start them on their own revelational journey into the inner-self, self exploration and a deeper understanding of the spiritual world in which they exist. In my teaching and Tarot coaching I focus on providing the tools and knowledge to read Tarot, going beyond the explanations given in two-dimensional textbooks, and illuminating the path to self-realisation.