Coaching with Tarot

Differing from a Tarot reading, Tarot coaching is a three-way conversation between you, your Tarot coach and the cards. In Tarot coaching you will be asked many questions and you will have to delve into your own subconscious to be able to provide the answers to follow the path to understanding.

In a coaching session you will provide me, as your coach, with your own thoughts and revelations as we progress, and the cards will lead you to further self'discovery and the answers.

Being coached in tarot is an intense journey of self exploration and understanding. It requires complete trust in your Tarot coach and the cards as you will look deep into your own psyche which is where the answers you seek are locked.

At the start you may not even know the question, but as the cards light the way to the answers you are searching for, locked behind the gates of the conscious mind and the chores of everyday life, Tarot coaching will guide you to find your own answers through the skills of your Tarot coach in channeling the energies of the cosmos through the cards.


Tarot coaching face to face 45 minutes    £60