foto-curs1In my courses 

I will teach you how to read Tarot with accuracy, confidence and skill;

  • explaining the structure of Tarot

  • describing each Tarot card in all terms of life; Love, Work, Financial aspects of the cards, and the Spiritual and psychological characteristics of each Arcana

  • teaching and practicing with my students numerous different spreads. For example I explain the spread of the Celtic Cross and others such as Familiar Constellations.

What kind of Tarot shall I use?

You should use the tarot that appeals to you the most. Let your intuition guide you to the deck which complements you best

Choosing a deck is a personal and subjective decision. Different decks suit different people. Take time in browsing the decks available. Concentrate on their colours, textures, images; whatever attracts you and inspires you. With time your deck will become your most valued adviser and ally. 

A good place to start exploring the different decks on the market is   

I am here to help you decide if you wish for any guidance in choosing the deck that is right for you 

For my Tarot courses I always start with the Tarot de Marseilles. With time you may wish to also explore other decks such as Medieval Scapini or Rider-Waite with me. 


Level 1: Beginners course

(4 hours intensive or evening classes)

o    The structure of Tarot de Marseilles and Tarot in general - the basic meanings of the cards

o    Differences between Tarot de Marseille and other decks such as Tarot Rider-Waite and its clones

o    Ethics for a Tarot reader

o    The couples in the Major Arcana and the relationships between the cards of the Major Arcana



Level 2: Intermediate course

(20 hours intensive or evening classes)

o    The meaning of the major arcane in relation to each work, love, money and health

o    Different spreads and their uses in relation to the questions

o    Tarot Practice

Level 3: Advanced course

(12 hours intensive or evening classes)

o    Study of the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana

o    Tarot Practice with all the cards, Major and Minor Arcana


Tarot practice sessions and spreads 

We will practice together various Tarot spreads with both the Major and Minor Arcana.

You will learn the Celtic Cross spread, Love spreads, past, present and future spreads and other general spreads which reveal all. 

Psychology and Psychotherapy with Tarot: the unconscious in the Archetypes

  • The major Arcana and the psychology behind them
  • Familiar constellations with the cards

This is an excellent holistic approach which unveils the hidden feelings and emotions that are blocked in our innerselves. It is a method that drives you to the root of any issue you might not even have been aware of. This method has been developed by Bert Hellinger, to help to uncover and break amongst other things, destructive family patterns




Guided meditation with a single card of Tarot. Before each meditation a short explanation will be provided so that you connect very intimately with the energy of the card.


The Properties and Power of the Major Arcana

Each arcana has an energy. Learn the energy of each card and benefit from its force. Some cards will be good to find love, some will be good for money, etc.