Tarot-reading Options

Tarot readings utilise the energies channeled through the cards to enable your Tarot reader to offer you insights and understanding into your life, your soul and your spirit. This traditional use of the cards is informative and enlightening and leads to a deeper understanding of the inner-self or seeks answers to specific questions which you may have.

I offer Tarot readings face to face, by skype (or telephone) and by email: Face to face, after listening to you and shuffling, cutting and dealing the cards, the face of the card and its position allow me to translate the answers which the cards give to you with clarity and precision. Using a holistic approach I will guide you on your journey to self enlightenment.

I am also able to connect with your spiritual energy by eletronic media; email and skype. Cosmic energies still provide the answers through the cards despite the distance in the physical world. Shuffling, cutting and dealing the cards allow me by reading from the cards to tell your fortune; past, present and with an insight into the future, which I will then transmit to you live (via Skype or telephone) or via email. 



Tarot reading face to face, 45 minutes:    £70 

Tarot reading skype/phone 45 minutes:   £70