ORACLE LENORMAND Deck created by Carmel Sastre. Available to buy here Oracle Lenormand vs. Tarot: Oracle Lenormand is a predictive tool which is very easy to learn as it is based on images. You can learn the several meanings for each card and then play with the...
The Second Chakra o Sacral Chakra

The Second Chakra o Sacral Chakra

Questions you can answer to see if your Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra is balanced or out of balance: Sacral Chakra or 2nd Chakra 1. Do you have difficulty with sex or feel ashamed or guilty around your sexuality or with the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure? 2....
O seu Chakra Raiz ou Primeiro Chakra está equilibrado o desequilibrado?

Grounding. The benefits of being grounded.

WHAT IS GROUNDING? A simple analogy of grounding is flying a kite. The kite is flying around up in the sky and you are holding the string controlling it and grounding it. If you let go of the string it is no longer grounded and will fly around uncontrollably carried...

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