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Oracle Lenormand vs. Tarot:

Oracle Lenormand is a predictive tool which is very easy to learn as it is based on images. You can learn the several meanings for each card and then play with the combinations.

The Oracle Le Petit Lenormand only has 36 cards, and you can read them by knowing the meaning and use your intuition. The combinations are easy and you can create them yourself, I would not read a book to memorise the combinations as depending on the question the meaning can change.

Tarot takes more time to learn, but it is also an amazing tool. Tarot has 78 cards if you use the whole deck or 22 if you only use the Major Arcana.

I will now explain the meaning of one of the cards of Lenormand:

Card number 15, which is the BEAR,

This is the card of  POWER, as the 3rd Chakra.It represents finances, authority figures, bosses, managers, parents, a judge, a Chef,

This card can represent a fat or big person, it shows heaviness, power and strength. The power can be used negatively or positively. The negative side of this card is overcontrol, bullying, aggressivity and anger.

Many Lenormand Oracle readers say that this is a female figure, but I do not agree, as with my experience it appears in cases of a woman or a man. The cards that show me if it is a woman and man is the card of the woman and the man. If it appears a woman it will tell me it is a woman and the bear will describe me the personality or how the person is. It will all depend on the question and the other cards.

Love: The person has character and is in charge of the relationship. The person wants to control everything in the relationship. Interference of parents in your love relationship. It is possible that the person is aggressive and fight.

Career Meaning: Your boss or manager has a huge impact in your career or work. The other cards will tell us if it will be good or bad. Anger management. If you use the power you have you can be successful with hard work.

Health: You need to take care of  what you eat. Nutrition is very important. Weak stomach. Be careful in overeating and overweight.

Examples of Bear Combinations:

Bear + Rider: Arrival of a new authority figure, visit of your mother or father, financial news

Bear + Clover: gambling, lucky with your boss

Bear + Ship: Money transaction

Bear + Home: You parents

Bear + Tree: Your ancestors, the health of your parents. Exercise. Diet.

Bear + Clouds: A big confusion

Bear + Snake: A strong enemy

Bear + Coffin: Bad investment, bad management, bad boss.

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