Become an Aura & Chakra Energy and Spiritual Healer!

Do you want to learn how to do an effective Energy Healing? You won’t need to touch the person and will learn how to work with the Chakras and Aura. You will learn how to use the colours and the power of visualisation and Meditation. You will be able to conduct face to face as well as distance healing sessions. 

Developed by Carmel Sastre, combining Energy Healing with initiations/ attunement to Spiritual Healing Masters, Clairvoyance, the power of colours, magnetism  the experience of amazing results with people, Intuition & Meditation techniques.

The course participants will develop their own abilities and this unfolding is an important and integral part of the students own development as an Aura and Chakra Energy healer.

On completion of this programme you will be able to conduct independent energy healing sessions for yourself and others working out face to face or using distance or remote energy healing. There is a great deal of content and practice involved and the complete training that takes place is spread over a period of 5 intensive weekends.

Carmel Sastre will conduct the training and oversee all aspects of the students study, participation, progress and performance. On satisfactory completion of all levels you will be awarded the AURA AND CHAKRA ENERGY HEALING DIPLOMA from Carmel Sastre and you will be able to perform energy healing sessions with self-confidence.

Why my course? My course integrates different aspects that combine several techniques that you can’t find in other Energy Healing Courses. I initiate you to several Healing Masters, you learn about the Chakras, the power of the colours and how to use them in which cases and when not. I also use clairvoyance tools and Meditation.

See below the content of the Energy Healing courses.

Workshop “Descover the Power of the Chakras and Active Meditation through Visualisation for Chakra Balancing.”

Note: This course is necessary if you want to attend the Energy and Spiritual Healing Courses. It will also be very useful in case you practice Reiki

In this course you will learn and acquire a clear idea about the Chakras. You will learn a very powerful meditation technique to ground, protect  yourself and work with the Chakras y tener una idea muy clara de lo que son los Chakras.   


  • What happens if a Chakra is balanced or out of balanced.
  • The colours of the Chakras.
  • The mantras for each Chakra
  • The food and the Chakras
  • The Chakras y the organs of the body for each Chakra.
  • The deseases due to a chakra which is not in harmony.
  • Questions we can ask to know which Chakra is out of balance.
  • The emotions related to each Chakra
  • The affirmations for each Chakra.
  • The Pendulum and diagnosis of the Chakras.
  • Powerful meditation to ground yourself, protect yourself and balance your Chakras. Note: This kind of meditation combined with energy healing sessions will provide you amazing changes.
  • Meditation to cleanse a place through visualisation. After level 1 you will not only use the power of visualisation, but also the power of the Spiritual Healing Masters that you will be attuned to.

Price: £190



ENERGY & SPIRITUAL HEALING COURSES FOR THE AURA AND CHAKRAS with initiation to the Spiritual Elemental and Universal Healing Masters and Psychic Surgeons. 

Level 1: Basic.

Aura and Chakra Energy & Spiritual Healing course – Initiation the Elemental Healing Masters/Guides 

Learn how to do an Energy and Spiritual Healing session! 

Requirement: To have attended the Chakra and Active Meditation course (Friday 21st June)

You are going to learn how to use the power of your hands and active meditation combined with the Elemental Energy Healing Guides that you will be attuned to.


  • Ground yourself and flow energy from the Earth and Cosmos. Protection techniques and revisión about the Chakras before learning how to do a healing session.
  • Meditation in crescendo receive the energy of the Earth.
  • How to cleanse and energize the Aura and the Chakras through visualisation and active meditation.
  • How to provide energy to a group of people through meditation.
  • How to cleanse a place with the Elemental Healing Guides.
  • Ground your Aura and increase your power through visualisation.
  • Practice of Energetic separations with people. How to change your energy.
  • The Energetic Cords. Which ones to remove and which ones to keep.
  • Who are the Elemental Healing Guides/Masters.
  • Initiation/Attunement to the Elemental Healing Masters/Guides.
  • How to do a Healing session.
  • Practice of how to do a healing session.

Price: £550

Carmel Sastre – Tel.: 649548321 – watsapp +447900110062 –


Level 2: Intermediate –  Energy & Spiritual Healing. Initiation/Attunement to the Psychic Surgeons.  

Learn how to do an Energy and Spiritual Healing session with the help of the Elemental Spiritual Guides and the Psychic surgeons. In this intermediate level you will be attuned/initiated to the Psychic Surgeons.

Requirement: To have attended the Basic level (level 1 with the attunement/initiation to the Elemental Healing Guides/Masters).

Program in 2 intensive days:

  • How to scan with your hands.
  • Centre the Chakras. Repair the holes and cracks of the Aura and Chakras. Practice.
  • Meditation with affirmations for each Chakra.
  • Healing session combined with affirmations and active meditation.
  • The energetic cables during meditation and during a healing session.
  • Cleansing the layers of the Aura.
  • Introduction to Crystals in healing.
  • Cleansing the 4 aspects of the Aura and Chakras: Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and physically.
  • How to indentify blockages with the help of colours during a healing session.
  • Meditation to develop your intuition (Centre of your third eye and energetic screens).
  • Initiation, attunement to the Psychic Surgeons.
  • Cleansing, energetic operations and healing with the help of the Psychic Surgeons.
  • Practice of a healing session with the help of the Elmental Healing Guides/Masters and the Psychic Surgeons for specific parts of the body..

Price: £550

Carmel Sastre – Tel.: 649548321 – watsapp +447900110062 –

Level 3: Advanced.

Initiation/Attunement to the Universal Healing Masters. The Power of Colours in a Healing session.

2 intensive days.
In this course you will be attuned to Universal Healing Masters/Guides which have a higher vibration and you will use during a general Healing session. You  will learn about the properties of the colours, contraindications and dangers of using certain colours in certain organs and Chakras.
You will also practice energy healing sessions with the Universal Healing Masters combined with the Psychic Surgeons.


  • The secret power of the colours in an Energy and Spiritual Healing session.
  • Properties, contraindications, secondary effects. When to use and when not to use certain colours, in which Chakras and organs..
  • Initiation/Attunement to the Universal Healing Masters Meditación y su práctica con colores.
  • Energy Healing session practice using the four elements for each Chakra: Air, fire, wáter, earth.
  • Meditation to open the third eye.
  • Levels of permission and the energetic screens.
  • Holistic Coaching. How to detect the root of the problema and how to conduct a healing session from the begining to the end.

Price: £550

Level 4: MASTER level. MASTER Energy and Spiritual Healer. Holistic Coach. The use of Chrystals during an Aura and Chakra Healing session.

In this advanced level you will revise and practice all what you learn in the previous courses. We will discuss the results we all had with our patients. You will practice energy healing using the colours and all the tools you acquired. You will also use the chrystals.


  • Revision of all tools and all what you learnt in the previous courses. The power of the colours, contraindications, the organs and chakras that you can treat with colours and the ones you cannot and which are the colours. .
  • Energy Healing sessions through visualisation, the colours, the cords, the healing/guide masters and the use of Crystals during a session
  • How to do a group healing session combining the use of prana, your hands, the healing masters and the power of visualisation and meditation.
  • How to do an Energy and Spiritual healing session in depth with the use of Crystals:
    • How to cleanse the Crystals
    • When not to use Crystals
    • How to program the Crystals.
    • How to charge a Crystal.
    • How to stabilise the energy of the Crystal
    • How to increase the power of the crystals and the healing.
  • Cleanse the cords of the feet, remove cords and balance the Chakras and body in general.

Price: £550

Note: Energy and Spiritual healing does not substitute your doctor.  –  tel: (0034) 649548321

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