A simple analogy of grounding is flying a kite. The kite is flying around up in the sky and you are holding the string controlling it and grounding it. If you let go of the string it is no longer grounded and will fly around uncontrollably carried away by the wind.

Grounding is to send our energy downward, into the Earth, get attached to the Earth Energy and receive the energy from it.
Grounding is to bring our consciousness into the body that exists in one time and in a space, that means “Now and Here”.
Grounding is also helps to get rid of the excess of electricity, emotions, energy that is blocked and needs to leave your body, Chakras and Aura field.

Binaural sounds, walking without shoes (barefoot), gardening and eating root vegetables will also help to ground you. The red colour in clothes and the red vegetables and fruits as well help to ground you and give you vitality and energy.
Now and again have a Sea Salt bath, practise grounding exercises, touch the ground or the floor with your feet and palms. Hugging a tree and connecting with nature provides you with grounding energy.

If you are not grounded you can dream at your desk about your beautiful holidays for next summer, but in the end you are dreaming and you do not go on holiday. Why? Because you are not living in the “now and here”. You can dream, but if you are grounded you can now take action to book or organise your holidays.

As you are able to receive and transmit different kind of energies like a stereo receiver, you need to plug into the Energy of the Earth to receive her frequencies. Therefore, you need to be grounded and plugged into the Earth as this energy will give you vitality and energy for your body and daily life.

The same as a lightning rod protects your house by sending excess voltage into the ground, by being you can avoid being overloaded with all kinds of emotions, stress and tension.
Benefits of being grounded:
– It allows us to become present in the here and now.
– It gives us the vitality coming from the Earth.
– It opens our lower Chakras, merging with gravity.
– It provides nourishment.
– It provides Power.
– It provides Stability.
– It provides Growth.
– We find our true path in life.
– It provides clarity, clear vision.
– You become more focused.
– It provides security.
– It provides mental stability
– Good or better health

Energy is all around us, in our mind, in our body and Physicists can measure it. The Earth generates grounding, which is an energy wthat is called the Schumann waves which is 7.8 Hz. That gives us vitality and health in general. When astronauts leave the Ionosphere they develop neurological problems, depression, gastrointestinal problems and many more, because they are no longer exposed to the Schumann waves. That is why now they have a Schumann waves generator. Our heart resonates the same frequency at around 7.8 Hz as the Earth Energy. Lightening as well resonates at a frequency of 7.8 Hz. Our brain, if it is in the Alpha wave, also resonates with this frequency.

– We are unstable.
– We lose our centre and live in a fantasy world, a daydream.
– We are dissipated and diluted.
– We are “not all here” and we are not in the present moment.
– We are separated from our biological source and we lose our true path in life.
– We keep looking up instead of down, where our feet meet the path.
– We can´t take decisions.
– We have back pain by keeping emotions
– The upper Chakras are sometimes too open, and the lower Chakras are not stable enough to support all the psychic energy the person picks up. That creates serious mental disorders as, for example, psychosis. The person loses touch with the ground and, therefore, with reality.
Some spiritual people consider that Grounding is less spiritual and, therefore, they do not consider it important. We have a body and we have to think about that! We are body and spirit, and we do need to take care of our bodies in order to be in balance and harmony with the Earth, as well as with the Cosmos.

Extract of my booklet about the Chakras before being able to join my Energy and Spiritual Healing courses: