Is your Heart Chakra or Fourth Chakra balanced?

Heart chakra or 4th Chakra
1. Do you find it difficult to love or be loved?
2. Do you find it difficult to step back and let people make their own mistakes or do you feel the urge to step in?
3. Do you feel depressed or sad?
4. Do you have problems with your heart, blood pressure or circulation?
5. Do you have problems really forgiving people or feeling empathy for them, or do you feel so much empathy that you can be pulled down by other people’s pain and emotions.
6. Do you feel fatigued, lethargic or drained a lot of the time?
7. Did you suffer distress or trauma between the ages of twelve and sixteen?
8. Do you regularly go to clubs or bars etc. to confirm your attractiveness as a sexual being?
9. Do you find that you seek approval and validation from others as a sign of self-worth?

If you answered “YES” to most of the above then you have an issue with your heart Chakra.
Throat Chakra

Extract of my booklet about the Chakras:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

This book is also available in Portuguese, and soon in Spanish.

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