Mantras are very powerful, because they use a sacred vibration that interconnects us all to each other, as well as the universal energy. These mantras help the Chakras to be more balanced and in harmony.

If you receive energy healing sessions, you also want to mantain your Chakras balanced until you go to the next session. You can practice several exercises and one of them is to Chant the mantras. See below the list of the mantras related to each Chakra.

1st Chakra: LAM. By chanting this Mantra you can enhance your financial situation and also gives you a sense of belonging and security.

2nd Chakra: VAM. By chanting this Mantra it can help you to make changes in your life and help to you express your emotions better.

3rd Chakra: RAM. By chanting this Mantra it will help you have better self-control, and assist you to stand up for yourself. It also helps you to take action and materialise your wishes, dreams and goals.

4th Chakra: YAM. By chanting this Mantra you can heal both the physical and spiritual heart centre, and open yourself up to unconditional love.  You will give and receive love more easily.

5th Chakra: HAM. By chanting this Mantra you can communicate and express yourself much more easily.

6th Chakra: AUM or OM. By chanting this Mantra you can make it so that you can be more receptive to listening to your inner wisdom and communicating with your Higher-Self.

7th Chakra: OM or AH. By chanting this Mantra you will connect with your God, your beliefs and move away from unhealthy attachments to possessions and relationships.

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