Questions you can answer to see if your Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra is balanced or out of balance:

Sacral Chakra or 2nd Chakra

1. Do you have difficulty with sex or feel ashamed or guilty around your sexuality or with the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure?
2. Can’t you maintain close friendships?
3. Don’t you have a soul mate, a life partner, available people and friends when needed?
4. Do you have difficulty with being nurtured, hugged or touched in a gentle or loving way even with people you know?
5. Do you feel you are overly sensitive to other people?
6. Do you have a low libido, sex drive, or are you unable to maintain an erection not due to any physical problems, or are you unable to reach an orgasm?
7. Do you feel lethargic and feel that your vitality and stamina are low in general?
8. Do you channel your sexual desires into fantasy so that you can avoid having sexual partners or a real relationship?
9. Are you avoiding getting into a committed relationship?
10. Do you have any problems with your bladder or kidneys or with retaining fluids?
11. If you are a woman, are your menstrual cycles more painful?
12. Did you suffer distress or trauma between the ages of three to five or eight?
13. Do you recall a history of abuse in your family emotional, sexual or verbal?
14. Do you have any problems or abnormalities with your sense of taste?
15. Do you have a feeling of being emotionless?
16. Do you frequently suffer from blocked sinuses?
If you answered “YES” to most of the questions, then you might have some issues with your Sacral Chakra.

Extract from the book: The Secret Power of the Chakras Reavealed: Learn about the Chakras which are our plugs of powerful energy centres. Learn about them in an easy way and be aware of your reality – Carmel Sasre